An award-winning master goldsmith, Chad Christopher Shoemaker, an innovative Seattle – born designer is passionate about fine craftsmanship and original design. Bringing exciting and cutting edge design to his studio located in Lynden, Washington for 28 years, his impressive collection showcases his talent as a storyteller, expressing himself in the jewelry he creates. Chad’s creations transcend time and trends, and he makes the jewelry with the transformative power to make a woman feel more beautiful. Chad incorporates one-of-a-kind gemstones and fancy diamonds which he hand selects for his gold and platinum designs. Chad’s passion for pure gold is born out of his creative approach to the medium, personally designing every piece. Each Chad custom designed piece is created and finished by hand, distinguishing it from machine-made or computer assisted designs. Each handmade Chad piece of jewelry shows the evidence of his passion and the designer’s unlimited vision. Chad resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest .